Iron processing Padova

Iron processing in Padova for industry and private customers

Mechanical carpentry and semi-finished products in iron and metals

At GL, we have been operating for years in the field of mechanical carpentry and iron processing in Padova intended for the building and agricultural industries, in addition to dedicating ourselves to the design and realisation of metal, iron and ferrous alloys products for the small private custom. In particular, the carpentry workshop carries out iron processing in Padova producing semi-finished products for setting up fences, railings, canopies, covering structures and window bars and taking care of each step of the work, from the starting project to the installation and subsequent maintenance works. Thanks to a considerable experience in the field, a great competence achieved over the years and a great passion for this job, the company can also manage complex projects for the realisation of iron structures used in agriculture and the installation of greenhouses and covered structures for car parks or areas used as warehouses, built in metal sheets. All iron processing works in Padova are conducted with extreme care and precision in a workshop equipped with modern and state-of-the-art instrumentation, ensuring an artisan workmanship realised with the most sophisticated technology. Specific finishing treatments are used in the iron carpentry production by the Greggio L.’s GL in order to guarantee high reliability and a long life: processes such as oven painting and galvanisation are employed not only to increase the aesthetic value of the product but also to ensure it will be long-lasting, especially considered its prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents.

Iron processing in Padova for the manufacturing and agricultural industries

In addition to the iron processing in Padova for the manufacturing and agricultural industries, the company’s production is also intended for the building industry. We design and build structures in iron and ferrous alloys that are specific for this kind of business: from mezzanines to scaffolding for building and renovating works, from back or safety stairs to winding staircases for interiors, from metallic structures for the creation of verandas and porches, terraces, external architectural elements and arbours to the production of fences and window bars for both residential structures and construction yards. Provided with a specialised technical department and a competent staff, the carpentry workshop also deals with designing canopies and covered structures that are reliable, safe, aesthetically refined, suitable for extended areas and adding value and functionality to any residential or professional setting. The range of iron processing works in Padova carried out by the Greggio L.’s GL includes a vast choice of ceiling structures and pergolas made from steel, aluminium and wrought iron also following particular drawings and decorative patterns from the customer’s drafts. Every project realised by the company is carried out only after an accurate preliminary design stage in order to proceed with the choice of the most suitable materials and techniques respecting the customer’s desires and requirements. If you want to know more about the iron processing works in Padova that the company realises and to ask for a detailed quotation or make any other enquiry, you can contact us by phone or through the website forum.