Carpentry Workshop GL at Piazzola sul Brenta

Mechanical carpentry and iron processing works

The carpentry workshop GL at Piazzola sul Brenta has been present on the market for years doing mechanical carpentry works and manufacturing industrial and semi-finished products in iron and metal, intended for the industrial and agricultural sectors as well as the small private custom. Equipped with the latest machines and instrumentation and counting on an expert and competent team of operators, today the carpentry workshop GL at Piazzola sul Brenta is a point of reference in the field of precision mechanic’s, iron carpentry and metallic product design for the manufacturing and building industries. Able to join in a perfect way the accuracy of the craft work and the professionalism of the automated production, the company’s main purpose is offering a variety of products suitable for any requirement and need and creating a relationship of mutual trust with customers, above all thanks to the high quality of the raw materials and the work techniques and to the ability to follow with the utmost care and precision every stage of the project. Achieving the satisfaction of the clients is the primary point of every work done by the carpentry workshop GL at Piazzola sul Brenta, which is dedicated to respecting high standards of production and offering only products that meet the proper quality and safety requirements.

Mechanical carpentry works and iron fencing structure production

One of the sectors in which the company can boast a considerable experience is the design and production of railings, iron bar structures, fences, canopies and iron roofing structures of any kinds, intended for both the industrial field and the small private custom. The carpentry workshop GL at Piazzola sul Brenta is up to the task of taking charge of projects aimed for the creation of window bars and fences made from iron, wrought iron, aluminium, steel and ferrous alloys. We assess accurately the architectural target context so as to be able to perform a service that will accomplish the specific customer requirements. The company’s technicians carry out all the operations involved in the assembly and installation, including possible maintenance works on the structure. The firm also realises iron bar structures for the protection of doors and windows, which is a solution that permits you to combine security and elegance creating particular drawings and decorative patterns also from customer’s drafts. The products made from metals, used for the manufacture of fences and window bars, can be subjected to a finishing process like painting and galvanisation, in order to guarantee a long life and the stringent security. We offer a product that combines a high aesthetic impact with the efficacy and reliability typical of our passion and precision.

Metallic structures for the industry and home service

Mainly intended for the agricultural and manufacturing industries, the works realised by the company include designing and installing canopies and covering sheets, which is done after an accurate survey of the target place and taking into account the right standards of safety and stability when the works begin so that customers can rely on us. The structures developed by GL carpentry workshop at Piazzola sul Brenta represent the ideal solution for agricultural operators: we offer the opportunity to create sheltered spaces, greenhouses and areas for the different plantations and for different contexts of production, and also covered structures for external spaces, yards, service stations, car parks and support structures made of metal sheets for barns and warehouses. The GL carpentry workshop at Piazzola sul Brenta offers services also for small private customers who require reliable solutions with solidity and elegance for setting up open spaces, arbours, terraces, garages, canopies, back stairs, and lofts. We take care of the entire project in every detail in order to get our clients satisfied. The company’s operators are also available to carry out home services such as lock replacement, blocked doors opening and armoured door installation.

For further information on the entire range of services offered by the GL carpentry workshop at Piazzolla sul Brenta as well as for specific product requests or quotations for setting up a customised project for railings, window bars and iron structures, get in touch with us by phone or email or through the website forum.