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The carpentry workshop located in Padova

Mechanical works for the industry

The company, which has been present on the territory for years, operates in the field of carpentry workshop in Padova and specialises in manufacturing semi-finished products in iron and metals, fences, railings, arbours and canopies, and in designing and installing iron structures of different kinds, as well as in processing iron and carrying out metalwork in general, intended for different sectors of production such as mechanical building and agricultural industries. Thanks to a great competence developed over years of work and to the presence of expert operators, the establishment knows how to make an effective work at the customer’s domicile: we can promptly replace components of lock systems in entry doors and gates; unlock and open up blocked or unfit doors and emergency doors; in addition to set gratings, window bars and railings.

about us
Carpentry workshop

The carpentry workshop in Padova operates in the field of iron and metal processing, mechanical and industrial carpentry and iron
semi-finished product design and realisation for the manufacturing and agricultural industries.
We also work for the small private custom producing and installing 

railings and fences.

Metal structures

G.L. di Greggio Luigino is a business that has been present on the market for years operating in the field of carpentry workshop in Padova and iron processing works, designing and producing fences and railings, security iron bars, metallic structures for the manufacturing agricultural and building industries and also canopies, roofing structures and covering sheets.

Installation of gates

Having been operating for many years in the field of iron processing and carpentry workshop in Padova, the company can manage complex operations involving the design, manufacture and installation of railings, window bars, building and agricultural structures.
We also work for small private customers who need replacement and assembly of safety locks.

G.L. di Greggio L. mechanical carpentry workshop

Mechanical works and semi-finished products in iron and other metals

G.L. di Greggio Luigino has been operating in the field of metalwork for several years and has become the perfect point of reference for the carpentry works in Padova, with both small private clients and big factories that work in sectors such as mechanical, agricultural and building industries as habitual clients. A considerable experience achieved along the years, a qualified personnel staff and a mechanical workshop equipped with instrumentation suitable for complex and sophisticated works are our best assets, which make the company capable of conducting in a professional way works such as iron, metal and iron alloys processing; carpentry operations for agriculture and manufacturing sectors; and designing and installing fences, railings, window bars, arbours and covers of any kind and dimensions. Moreover, the staff of the carpentry workshop in Padova are well-acquainted with operations involving lock replacement, emergency door installation and armoured door and entry door unlocking.

about us


Information and quotation requests

The carpentry workshop of  G.L. di Greggio Luiginoin Padova can carry out any kind of iron and metal processing intended not only for manufacturing and agricultural industries, but also for small private clients: railings, fences, window bars and metallic structures for the building and agricultural industry as well as canopies and roofing works. In addition, the firm’s operators are able to execute the replacement of locks and to unblock doors and gates, working rapidly and efficiently at the client’s domicile. For detailed enquiries or a quotation request about a particular work or an urgent intervention, get in touch with us by phone or email or through the website forum.